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Olivia Riviére

TRIPTYKON III ~ Splat is a mash up of three different works made by Emilia Gasiorek, Karis Zidore, Olivia Rivière, Stine Frandsen and Alice Martucci. The original works have different temporalities – Lowlands premiered in 2021, Shriller will premiere in 2022 and Dora Stays is a choreography in its initial phase of formulation. 


Together we explore what happens when these works pass through other bodies, are thrown around and fall. Splat! A solo with seven voices, two duos change their skin. We explode the original material and draw out their essence. States and sequences are twisted into a common lamentation, irrational rhythms and a thick mumbling that shivers under its surface. 

Splat is shown in two different formats made especially for Teater Momentum's black box and subsequently for the six exhibition rooms at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. The event is the third and final part of DANSEateliers threefold work, Triptykon, that has been shown at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in collaboration with Toaster in season 2021/22, with guest performances and residencies at Åbne Scene, Inkonst and Teater Momentum.


Emilia Gasiorek, Olivia Rivière, Karis Zidore, Stine Frandsen and Alice Martucci


Emilia Gasiorek, Olivia Rivière, Karis Zidore, Stine Frandsen, Alice Martucci and Nanna Stigsdatter


Karis Zidore


Puer Parasitus

Installations and scenography:

Anna Moderato and Lea Paulsen


David Nicolas Abad

Light design:

Kia Lundorff

Text documentation:

Sara Hamming


Nadia Marilena Roccato

Film documentation:

William Andreas Wivel


Gry Raaby


CYRK Productions ApS

Painting for poster:

Jens Bredholt

Graphic design:

Anna Sagström

Supported by:

Statens Kunstfond, Bikubenfonden, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, William Demant Fonden og William Hansen Fond.

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